Trauma Healing Journey for Finding Purpose
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the peace and calm of a journey through the beautiful desert mountains

In life there are so many beautiful places to explore Rainbow on Noto Color Emoji, Animated 15.0 You can think of these as places for beginning a trauma healing journey for finding purpose.
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Going out to explore beautiful places and embrace them gets you in touch with your feelings. Getting in touch with our feelings helps us cultivate kinder memories. These memories can guide us on our trauma healing journey for finding purpose

sitting at an airport after a traumatic experience eating a falafel and awaiting to fly away to another place

Life's journey is not always easy going. It's often confusing.
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Experiences in life can be confusing, illogical and traumatic. When we experience a confusing, illogical and traumatic event our reality can easily disintegrate into fragments.

thoughts of suicide after gas-lighting and advice to 1. Remain defiant 2. Recognize there will never be accountability 3. Let go of the wish for it to be different 4. Develop healthy detachment "Distinguishing from the word of the gas-lighter and the real world"

We can find ourselves in a cycle of trauma.
Weary Cat on OpenMoji 14.0This cycle of trauma is dark, painful and despairing.
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Living in continuous trauma keeps us in a continuous suffering.



Remember that ‘going out to explore beautiful places and embrace their feeling can help us cultivate kinder memories’.


If we want to leave continuous trauma then starting to be kind to ourselves and cultivate kinder memories and extend this to others is like a key to open the door to a better life.


I am not saying be kind to someone who is killing you but I am saying that in a safe space you can be kind to yourself and those you care about.



In a safe and beautiful place we can practice kindness for ourselves during our trauma healing journey for finding purpose.


The integration between mind and nature

Nature helps us on our trauma healing journey for finding purpose. Its shapes, sounds and smells help stimulate our healing.
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If nature is an inter-connected network, self-similar and connected with our minds then restoration of nature is the restoration of our mind. Put more simply,  when nature is healthy our body and mind is healthy.

the confusing and contradictory modern city's religion of free market, globalization, capitalism and infinite growth
the confusing and contradictory modern city's religion of free market, globalization, capitalism and infinite growth

Our cities have become dissociated from the purpose of social and ecological well-being.
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Global financialization and the idea that free markets are the most efficient outcome has become a sort of religion, divorced from evidence based reason.

Because if definition of ‘efficient’ allocation of resources is defined in the short-term for a narrow group of people then the most ‘efficient’ allocation of resources quickly becomes a long-term collective failure.



The success of companies is quarterly, while the success of social and ecological well-being is built over decades.


When our cities are built for the short-term and only the most ‘successful’ individuals and not for the collective community our cities have failed because they become dissociated from the purpose of social and ecological well-being. 

a journey through Nepal and its natural beauty

Don't abandon nature, embrace nature along your journey.
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We are one with nature because we live on this planet.  Humanity is not separate from nature, humanity is connected to nature. Listen for the mind of nature; the sound of the trees, the colours of the flowers. Listening for the mind of nature can inspire us to design and build our cities with more nature. This can help help with restoration of our mind, which can help restore a trauma conflicted mind.

sitting patiently with calm energy and meditation for a better feeling

Others often will not understand our path, or even feel threatened.
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It's important we learn to be patient and kind with ourselves during our trauma healing journey for finding purpose.
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Learn to turn away from the path of self-destruction and even to laugh quietly and kindly at its foolishness. Quite and kind reflection opens us up to more moments of compassionate transformation along our trauma healing journey for finding purpose.

art sketch of tree and falling leaves were a change of season is a change of place on the journey

A journey is the act of traveling from one place to another.
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In each place we journey we can find new people and new ideas. These new ideas and people can help our mind resolve conflicts and restore itself. Our capacity to resolve external and internal conflict heals our pains and helping us find our purpose.

self-portrait of abrisham and the night of the attempted murder

If we constantly carry ourselves within thoughts of sorrow and anger without any memories or thoughts of beauty and joy then from where will the brighter days come from?

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To an extent we are who we think we are, so we can think of more beautiful moments and memories, like nature, like music. The path towards self-restoration is guided by kind memories, art, music, good action and reflection to restore the fragmented emotions, feeling and perceptions of self after trauma.

the push into another social trauma

Our emotions exist among a network of others. Our suffering can feel isolated but cannot exist isolated. Therefore our trauma healing journey for finding purpose cannot be isolated.
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Being mislead on this journey is easy. Many will set upon inflicting as much pain possible when we are vulnerable and traumatised. This malicious desire may be for its own enjoyment, or to teach pain. These people and their feelings should be approached with the utmost of caution. Cultivating our mental balance and smiling with nature’s memories of beauty can help us through these situations. Take up compassion, but also take up when necessary the position of self-defence to safe-guard your trauma healing journey for finding purpose.

art depicting a reconstructed memory of a traumatic shooting

Acknowledge with Kindness and Compassion that our traumas are real and valid.
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Our trauma memories are painful ! That means others will want avoid this pain and may try to persuade us that our feelings after trauma are exaggerated or even a delusion. This is incorrect because our pain and trauma seek and need to be validated and healed. Healing cannot occur if we take our trauma to be an illusion that never happened and an experience we should forget and move on from.


The reality is much more beautiful. 


The reality that though our trauma healing journey for finding purpose we become an agent of compassionate and helpful change within society.

art showing painful thoughts of trauma from domestic violence

Once we have experienced the reality of trauma whether through a violent act or natural disaster it cannot be unseen or unexperienced it is part of our journey.
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Even if we did turn back and return to our destination, it would be wholly different from place we departed.

Our trauma may be experienced from domestic violence, child abuse, rape, an attempted murder on our life, a natural disaster or a combination of these.

Remember that there are roads for restoration and a better kinder life with others.  But we will not find a kindness through the denial of our suffering and neither if we accept another’s denial of our suffering.

Instead we must find people who validate our suffering and want to explore the kindness and beauty we want to explore to make a better world. A world where another human does not experience the same trauma we experienced.

art depicting suicide and philosophy of peace after pain

Many roads we journey will bring great pain in our life and many more can offer us healing. They can persuade us to either hurt our humanity or help our humanity Handshake on OpenMoji 14.0

To hurt humanity often involves a desire to satisfy hate through hurt. If we desire to hurt through our hate then we may become malicious enough to not deserve our own humanity. 

To be peaceful and satisfied with peace is most wise. 

art of flowers blooming
art of flowers blooming

Our cities and towns can help when they have spaces designed for the connection of kindness and compassion. Spaces where we engage in deeper reflection on our values to find a kinder purpose for ourselves and community.
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If we design, collaborate and create spaces in our city for safe reflection, for social well-being, for environmental and ecological health, for polymorphic use across many cultures, for disabilities and equity then we are shining the light towards a kinder and more compassionate human. From this we can create a kinder humanity and a collective trauma healing journey for finding purpose.