A profile picture as a gif that shows the Abrisham against a backdrop of a city being restored through artistic works.

Through Kindness, Building Beauty

Hi my name’s Abrisham and I’d like to stop and say there is something kind and beautiful about a healthy stream beside a pristine forest, they are both a source of life for us. Clean water and oxygen nourishing our well-being. When we live in healthy environments we live within a more beautiful world for all living beings. That’s an inheritance worth passing down from generation to generation. The wealth of a healthy environment.

I’m committed towards the goal of building wealth and a healthy environment as an ethical investor and ecolabel sustainability auditor for building products. I’m also a philanthropist who in the 2023-2024 financial year gave $2493.98 AUD to charitable causes across open source software, environmental protection, global poverty, rainforest regeneration, housing and food support for men and women doing it tough.

2024-2026 is an exciting time for my academic and professional career. In 2024 I was selected for the Environmental, Contamination and Toxicology ECT+ Erasmus Mundus program under scholarship. I’m now super focused on directing my attention towards the toxicological impact of our build-environment products across their life cycles to find new ways of supporting healthy people and environments in a circular economy.

At the end of this two year journey I will help businesses get to the available ESG finance first and scale up quickly. I intend to do this through seeding and growing academic and industry communities with open source solutions that provide insights into affordable compliance opportunities with the science based policies of the European Green Deal as we aim to create a toxic free environment.


Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Local Pathways Fellowship Program Certificate

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